MWI, Inc. has earned a reputation for leading the industry in both service and graphite machining. We’ve done this by forging long-term relationships with our customers and providing them with outstanding experiences. No matter where you are in the manufacturing process, MWI will exceed your expectation, one custom solution at a time.

Engineered Carbon & Graphite Solutions

Our unique structure assigns an experienced, primary engineer to our customer applications via a Customer Experience Team. Primary engineers will have or gain intimate knowledge of customers processes and leverage our extensive resources and laboratories to assist in lowering total cost of ownership. Learn More >

EDM Consumables

MWI is the exclusive “EC” Electro Carb EDM Graphite supplier. The full range of grades offered by “EC” graphite is designed to meet the different EDM requirements in terms of metal removal and burn quality. The choice of grade will depend on factors such as the type of material being machined, the desired surface finish, and the desired production rate.

In addition to the “EC” graphite, we offer a wide range of products to service both Sinker and EDM Wire machines, including the full line of Bedra EDM Wire. All are available for immediate shipment. Learn More >


Our capabilities were developed around the need to provide an outstanding customer experience. No matter where you are in the manufacturing process, we can offer a custom solution that’s right for you. Learn More >