MWI Quality Policy: At MWI, we are committed to attaining the highest levels of quality in all products and services we provide. We believe lasting success can only be achieved by providing our customers with quality products. To support this policy, we have implemented a Total Quality Management Program to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products and services.

Highest Quality Carbon, Graphite and EDM supplies!
We comply with the quality standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO), meaning all company activities from customer contact, contract review, design, and manufacturing are quality controlled to the highest international standards. This includes:
  • Quality control from start to final inspection
  • On-line inspection by machinists and inspectors to ensure quality in every step
  • Well equipped Quality Control Lab for final inspection
  • Documentation control
We use the most precise measuring equipment in our quality program:
  • Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) are used to ensure that parts are consistently manufactured to precise dimensions
  • Computer Controlled Video and Optical equipment, capable of 400x magnification is used in our QC lab for both dimensional and visual inspection


Premium Carbon Graphite and EDM supplies

An example of our custom packaging

Packaging: Graphite is brittle by nature. In order to ensure these valuable products are securely positioned and protected, we design customized packaging that has been tailored to specific customer requirements.









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