EDM Graphite

Electrical Discharge Machining Consumables:
Our “EC” and “HK” ranges of material have been specifically designed for the Sinker industry. All grades have unique properties suitable for all applications. Our electrical discharge machining application engineers can assist our customers in selecting the best grade(s) that best suits the specific applications.

Electrical Discharge Machining Graphite

Premium EDM Graphite Solutions

If you’re looking to buy electrical discharge machining materials online, our engineers can help you select the perfect grade that fits your specific applications.

Electro Carb “EC” Graphite Tailored for Electrical Discharge Machining

We pride ourselves on our custom, precision-ground blanks and diameters, covering the full range of Electro-Carb grades, fulfilling all your custom molding, aerospace and general electro discharge manufacturing needs, from the finest super finishes (with the least amount of electrode wear) to lower precision grades (for the jobs that need higher removal rates), and everything in between.

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Custom and Standard SizesCustom electro discharge machining materials and consumables Sizes

  • Custom blank sizes (+/-.0002”) available for immediate shipment
  • Not looking for a custom precision-ground blank? Have something more standard in mind? No problem! While we specialize in customization, MWI stocks many different standard sizes in house, with the ability to provide the delivery of application-based materials… in a hurry!

Properties and Applications

How Does EDM Work?

In 1770, English scientist Joseph Priestly discovered what is now known as “electro-discharge erosion” when he found that electrical discharges from his electrodes removed mass material from a workpiece in his experiments.

His work many years later 1943, allowed the Lazarenko brothers from Russia to develop a method of controlling the destructive discharge process which was the foundation for our modern electro-discharge machining processes.

This process is now known as Electrical Discharge Machining.

But how does electrical discharge machining work? Sometimes called Electro Discharge Machining—the process is actually fairly simple.

By creating an electrical contact between a physical piece of work and an electrode, we’re able to see a flow of electricity controlled within an Ionization channel controlled by dielectric fluid. This electric spark creates heat reaching temperatures of up to 12,000 Celsius!

As you can imagine, that kind of heat can melt almost anything. With temperatures this intense, it’s important to control the spark so that it only touches the surface of the material. The process has been refined over time, so that anything below the surface of the material is not affected.

To take the electrical discharge machining process even further, wire electro discharge machining is transmitted through deionized water without conducting electricity. This allows us to carefully control the process in a dielectric (non-conductive) environment since the water cools and flushes away the eroded metal particles.

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