What is EDM Graphite?Graphite EDM Grades Infographic

Graphite for EDM is a unique material utilized in several industries known for its incredible thermal conductivity, strength, and resistance to wear. EDM graphite electrodes have become a staple for high precision applications that are able to produce high quality surface finishes.

Types of EDM Graphite

At the core of MWI’s EDM Graphite offerings is our signature Electro Carb “EC” Graphite. There is an EC grade available for every application. Here are a few of the most common:

  • EC-12 is a general-purpose grade good for roughing while providing good finish and detail.
  • EC-15 is a high-density graphite that provides increased electrode life, better surface finishes, and has an excellent flexural strength, making it perfect for difficult shapes and intricate details. 
  • EC-16 is a graphite grade with an ultra-fine grain that has thermal stability and wear resistance. It’s ideal for thin-rib electrodes, and fine detail. EC-16 is an excellent choice where corner detail needs to be maintained.

MWI also offers the exclusive HK graphite. Our HK material comes in HK-6 and HK-6C and is a perfect option for when super fine surface finishes are required. HK-6 and HK-6C graphite offer minimal electrode wear which means less electrodes are required to burn.

All graphite materials from MWI are high quality and competitively priced. Looking to learn more about what grade of EDM graphite is right for you? Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

Different Grades of Graphite

Different grades of graphite bring a range of valuable properties when used as EDM electrodes. These varying grades can influence the overall burn ratio, surface finish, and intricacy of the design details in the final product.

The higher the grade of graphite, such as EC-16, the greater the thermal stability and wear resistance. This makes it an excellent choice when high precision and durability are required. It can withstand complex shapes and intricate designs.

Mid-range graphite grades, like EC-14 or EC-15, offer a balance of density, strength, and cost, making them a versatile choice for a wide array of applications. They present a cost-effective solution while providing constantly high EDM performance.

Lower grades, such as EC-12, are designed for roughing applications and faster metal removal rates. This grade of graphite is particularly advantageous when cost or speed is a priority in the machining process.

MWI’s expertise in graphite and EDM enable us to cater to diverse requirements, spanning across custom molds and tooling, complex aerospace components, EDM thread cutting, and other electro-discharge machining applications. Whether you require machined graphite electrodes, precision ground blanks, or material cut to size, MWI will deliver quality results with just-in time delivery.

Our team of professionals is trained to provide the best products and services for our customers and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that they meet your requirements. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our operations and has helped us build long-term relationships with our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

To learn more about our material grades, we have a handy guide you can refer to. This ensures you always find the right grade for your specific application.

Trust MWI for all Your Quality EDM Graphite Needs

As a leading provider of EDM consumables, MWI is committed to delivering high-quality graphite products. We offer an extensive range of EDM graphite materials, including our renowned “EC” and “HK” grade graphite, specifically engineered for sinker EDM applications.

Each grade possesses distinctive properties, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. Our team of EDM application engineers is on hand to guide you in selecting the most suitable grade for your unique requirements. Leveraging their expertise and industry knowledge, they provide personalized guidance to ensure you receive the optimal graphite grade to match your EDM process requirements.

We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction by focusing on the quality of our consumables and the proficiency of our engineers. As your reliable partner, we not only offer all types of EDM graphite, but also the knowledge to make sure you have the right graphite grade for your project.

Contact us or request a quote today! At MWI, your EDM Graphite needs are our priority.