Introduction to EDM Consumables by MWI, Inc.

Welcome to MWI, Inc., your trusted partner for EDM graphite, consumables, & machined electrodes. We are a leading provider of graphite machining solutions dedicated to delivering the highest quality EDM consumables.

Whether you require custom graphite electrodes, EDM wire supplies, or dielectric fluid, we cater to every unique need with a strong commitment to quality and excellence. We source, rigorously test, and carefully select our products, to ensure that we offer you only top-grade EDM supplies. Our mission is not just to be a supplier, but to be your strategic partner in maximizing output and success in your machining operations.

Types of EDM Consumables Available

In the world of metalworking and machining, EDM consumables are not just accessories, but are essential in achieving optimum performance, reliability, and precision.

Our comprehensive selection caters to the diverse needs of various industries, from automotive to aerospace, medical to manufacturing, and everything in between.

  • Graphite: Graphite is widely used as an electrode material due to its unique properties like high thermal conductivity, flexural strength, and superior resistance to heat and electricity. We can cross reference most material grades and supply materials comparable to POCO/Entegris brand graphite. We stock graphite in standard plates and diameter sizes, precision ground blanks, or can machine electrodes to your specification. Contact us for more information about each graphite grade or download our EDM Graphite Product Guide.
  • EDM Metallics: We supply a broad range of electrode materials including brass, copper, tungsten, copper tungsten, silver tungsten, tungsten carbide, and Telco (tellurium copper). We can grind and/or machine several of these materials for you or you can choose to machine them yourself depending on your specific needs.
    • Brass or Copper Tubes: Our tubes, with diameters ranging from .2mm to 6mm, come in lengths of either 12 or 16 inches. Ideal for small-hole EDM, these tubes deliver precision and accuracy.
  • Tapping Electrodes: These thread cutting electrodes are designed for high accuracy, and long life. Tapping electrodes are typically made from graphite or copper-impregnated graphite, and are available in standard, metric and orbital options.
  • Bedra Wire: Bedra is a world leader in specialty EDM wire production and has wire grades for all types of EDM applications balancing finish quality, speed, longevity, and value. View our spec sheet!
  • Dielectric Fluid: We offer two types of dielectric fluids: our proprietary DC-100 and the high-quality IonoPlus 3000-US synthetic oil designed for die-sinking EDM. DC-100 is characterized by its low viscosity and exceptional dielectric strength, effectively preventing premature dielectric breakdown. IonoPlus provides effective flushing and impressive disruptive strength, making it suitable for a variety of tasks, ranging from intricate finishing processes to highly efficient rough cutting.
  • Dynamic Filtration Filters: Our high-performance filters are available in 1, 3, 5, 10 and 25 microns. We provide both plastic and metal wrapped filters.
  • Resin Regeneration: We provide resin regeneration services for all size resin tanks/bags. Click here to find out more about our resin regeneration program.
  • Black Diamond Tooling: MWI’s Black Diamond Tools are CVD-coated end mills designed to machine graphite, ceramics, aluminum and plastics. View our datasheet or download our Black Diamond CVD End Mill Brochure
  • EDM Tooling: We are a distributor of System 3R and Erowa Tooling Systems. Our solutions range from single tool holders to complete automation systems. View our spec sheet today!

Our promise at MWI is to deliver excellent customer service, exceptional value, and product quality, driven by our continuous investment in research and technology. To keep pace with the changing dynamics of the precision manufacturing industry, we continually improve our processes. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all EDM supplies, backed by our technical expertise & customer-centric approach.

Importance of EDM Consumables

Where we truly distinguish ourselves in the EDM consumable landscape is our commitment to consistency. MWI’s expertise in material selection is our primary differentiator in this industry. We source graphite exclusively from one supplier, fostering an unbroken chain of quality that assures consistency in every batch. This dedication to uniformity translates into predictable machining performance, enabling you to continually maintain and elevate your production standards.

Moreover, quality consumables also lead to longer machine life, lower maintenance costs, and improved part finish, representing a significant saving in time and money over the long run. By leveraging our consumables, you set yourself up for an efficient, economical, and reliable production process that is second to none. With MWI, you don’t just get consumables; you get a commitment to excellence and a partner dedicated to your success.

Working With MWI

At MWI, we understand the significance of high-quality EDM consumables for your productivity and finished product. We are committed to attaining the highest levels of quality in all products and services we provide. We firmly believe that success is attainable through high-quality machining, competitive pricing, quick delivery with short lead times, and exceptional customer service to our valued customers.

Interested in any of our EDM consumables, don’t hesitate to reach out today or send us a Request for Quotation (RFQ).