High Temperature Graphite

High Temperature Manufacturing Materials: MWI offers a complete range of isotropic, extruded and molded machining materials. Whether you have already developed physical property specifications, are working on continuous improvement, or need assistance in establishing custom specifications, we have your machining solution.

High Temperature Graphite Solutions

Looking to buy high temperature graphite materials online? MWI Inc provides a comprehensive range of extruded, isotropic and molded materials. Regardless of where you are in the precision machining process—whether you’re developing your own physical property specifications, or continually developing and need help establishing your specifications—we’re here to help with the most innovative precision manufacturing products.

MWI is your one stop shop for high temperature graphite materials. We offer a wide range of isotropic, excluded and molded materials to suit your individual needs.

isotropicIsotropic Graphite

Also included in our cost-effective material solutions, we also utilize our four research and development laboratories devoted to carbon and graphite to develop and manufacture materials specific for unique applications.


  • Forming method yields physical properties that are isotropic
  • High density, strength, finer grain structure
  • Full Historical Traceability Through Lot Numbers and Case Number Identification



Extruded Graphite


  • Larger Cross Sections
  • Cost effective alternative where isotropic properties, finer grain structure and higher strengths are not required
  • Dependable Grain Structure



Molded Graphite


  • Largest Cross Sections Available
  • Low Ash Content
  • Manufactured to the highest industry standards


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