High Temperature GraphiteHigh Temperature Manufacturing Materials

MWI, Inc. offers a complete range of high temperature graphite materials. We utilize our four research and development laboratories devoted to carbon and graphite to develop and manufacture materials specific to unique applications. Whether you have already developed physical property specifications, are working on continuous improvement, or need assistance in establishing custom specifications, we have your graphite solution.


Isotropic Graphite

Isotropic graphite is a high-density graphite that is more durable than the conventional graphite.

Isotropic GraphiteFeatures

  • Forming method yields physical properties that are isotropic
  • High density, strength, finer grain structure
  • Full Historical Traceability Through Lot Numbers and Case Number Identification



Extruded Graphite

Extruded graphite is produced in an extrusion process. In contrast to isostatic graphite, extruded graphite has a coarser grain size and a lower strength but higher thermal and electrical conductivity.

Extruded GraphiteFeatures

  • Larger Cross Sections
  • Cost effective alternative where isotropic properties, finer grain structure and higher strengths are not required
  • Dependable Grain Structure


Molded Graphite

molded graphiteFeatures

  • Largest Cross Sections Available
  • Low Ash Content
  • Manufactured to the highest industry standards