Industries Served

We’re proud to serve a wide variety of industries. The most common ones are listed below, but the list isn’t inclusive. If you don’t see your business, we can develop a custom solution for you. Please contact us to start the conversation.


Semi-Conductor   •   PV – Photovoltaic   •   Poly Silicon   •   LED (Light Emitting Diode)   •   EDM   •   Abrasive Tooling   •   Heat Treatment   •   Sintering   •   Advanced Ceramics   •   Aerospace   •   Metallurgical   •   Aluminum Processing   •   Fuel Cell



Semi Conductor

The semi-conductor industry is extremely dynamic as it responds to rapid changes in technology. From crystal pulling hot zones to metal deposition, MWI machines, purifies and coats carbon and graphite materials that exceed the stringent demands of the semi-conductor Industry. Machined graphite and carbon components are an intricate part of semi-conductor processes.

  • Graphite Crucible
  • Graphite Heater
  • Graphite Susceptor
  • Czochralski  “CZ” Hot Zone Components
  • Ion Implant Consumables
  • Rigid Insulation
  • Carbon Carbon Fasteners

PV – Photovoltaic


Finite reserves of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions have prompted the development and production of alternative energy. MWI proudly supports companies who invest in tomorrow’s solutions for a cleaner and sustainable environment. MWI has several active engineered carbon and graphite solutions helping facilitate tomorrow’s energy solutions.

  • Graphite Crucible
  • Graphite Heater
  • Graphite Susceptor
  • Czochralski  “CZ” Hot Zone Components
  • Rigid Insulation
  • Carbon Carbon Composite Fasteners
  • Carbon Carbon Composite Trays

Poly Silicon

Poly Silicon LO

Poly silicon is a fundamental driver in many of today’s emerging semi-conductor and photovoltaic applications. MWI supports all phases of the silicon value chain starting with the feedstock.

  • Graphite Seed Chucks
  • Graphite Heaters
  • Graphite Electrodes
  • Graphite Crucibles
  • Carbon Carbon Composite Screws
  • Carbon Carbon Composite  Bolts

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LED Light Emitting Diode

LED technology has proven itself to be an energy-efficient lighting solution. MWI is proud to collaborate with industry leading LED manufacturers and research facilities to continually advance this environmentally-sound technology. MWI machining, purification and coatings of carbon and graphite products are well received throughout the LED supply chain.

  • MOCVD Susceptor
  • Graphite Satellite
  • Graphite Susceptor
  • Graphite Platter



MWI inventories world-leading materials for electrical discharge machining (EDM). MWI has been a reliable EDM graphite and consumable supplier for over fifty years. With EDM application engineers on staff, this allows MWI to assist in your material selections and machine programming. With five strategically located facilities, doing business with MWI is as good as having a supply shop right next door.

  • EDM Graphite
  • Machined Electrodes
  • EDM Wire
  • EDM Metallics
  • EDM Accessories

Abrasive Tooling

abrasive tooling

From PDC drill bits to concrete blades, MWI engineers and fabricates a variety of graphite components required to manufacture diamond abrasives and other complex matrix materials.

  • Graphite Displacement Nozzles & Plugs
  • Graphite Mold Shells & Funnels
  • Graphite Diamond Segment Production Molds & Rams
  • Graphite Punches
  • Graphite Electrodes
  • Gas & Oil Field Service Supplies

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Machining

With internal high temperature capability, MWI’s engineering team are  experts in high temperature thermal management. From carbon and graphite material selection to design and modeling, we can offer a wide range of high temperature solutions.

  • Vacuum Furnace Hot Zones
  • Induction Furnace Components
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Furnace Components
  • Graphite Furnace Fixtures
  • Graphite Loading Hardware
  • Graphite Heaters
  • Graphite Hearth Plates
  • Graphite Muffle Zones
  • Graphite Mandrels
  • Carbon Carbon Composite Furnace Fixture
  • Carbon Carbon Composite Tooling
  • Carbon Carbon Composite Fasteners
  • Thermal Insulation


sinteringWith over fifty years of servicing powder metallurgy, MWI has the experience to provide a carbon and graphite solution from raw feedstock to machined component.

  • Graphite Sintering Trays
  • Graphite Hot Press Dies
  • Graphite Boats
  • Graphite Sintering Plates
  • Graphite Sintering Supports
  • Graphite V-Groove Trays
  • Graphite Mini Rods
  • Carbon Carbon Composite Sintering Trays

Advanced Ceramics

Advanced Ceramics

Thermal processing is common denominator in many of today’s advanced materials. MWI’s engineered carbon and  graphite components are key to the research, development and production of tomorrow’s materials.

  • Graphite Hot Press Dies & Punches
  • Graphite Die Liners
  • Graphite Containment Ring
  • Graphite Mandrels
  • Graphite Sintering Plates
  • Carbon Carbon Composite Dies & Punches


Aerospace Tooling

Aeronautic technology soars to new heights every day. MWI continues to improve leading-edge machined carbon and graphite technologies to service the aerospace industry. From detailed EDM electrodes to the larger complex geometries of composite tooling, MWI services all carbon and graphite requirements within the aerospace industry.

  • Graphite Braze Fixtures
  • EDM Vane Electrodes
  • Nozzles and Nozzle Inserts
  • Composite Lay-up Tooling
  • Graphite Form Tooling
  • Graphite Reflector Tooling
  • Bonded Graphite Block



MWI’s graphite machine shop was established with the sole purpose of serving the continuous casting industry. Over fifty years later, metallurgical products remain one of our core competencies. Our engineering team specializes in selecting the correct carbon and graphite material for specific alloys and continuous casting parameters.

  • Graphite Continuous Casting Dies
  • Graphite Molds
  • Graphite Crucibles
  • Graphite  Boats
  • Graphite Pour Boxes
  • Impellors-Rotors-Shafts
  • Sintering Trays and Plates

Aluminum Processing

Aluminum Processing

MWI engineers and manufactures both untreated and anti oxidation treated carbon and graphite products for aluminum processing. We also offer other EREMA accessories, including SiC heaters and protection tubes.

  • Graphite Degassing Rotors
  • Graphite Impellors
  • Graphite Shafts & Rotors
  • Graphite Run Out Tables
  • Graphite Extrusion Canisters
  • Graphite Casting Rings
  • Silicon Carbon (SiC) Heaters
  • Silicon Nitride Protection Tubes

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell Manufacturing

MWI has extensive experience machining carbon-based fuel cells. We cater to both large- and small-scale production needs as well as research and development requirements.  We have dedicated
process engineers to fuel cell machining process capability. Our entire team is grateful to be a part of an environmental solution.

  • Carbon Based Cathodes
  • Carbon Based Anodes
  • Separator Plates
  • Prototype Machining





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