Our capabilities were developed around the need to provide an outstanding customer experience. No matter where you are in the manufacturing process, we can offer a custom solution that’s right for you. Whether you need material selection and part design, or final machined and treated products, MWI will exceed your expectations. After more than fifty years serving the carbon and graphite industry, we guarantee it.




EDM Graphite Ready to Run Blanks

MWI, Inc’s commitment to the growing needs of automation and lights out machining cells is demonstrated by our new Ready to Run product line. Included in this product line are both standard and custom sizes.  View Ready to Run PDF

  • Erowa pre-machined T-Slot design
  • System 3R pre-fitted pallets and coins
  • Custom and pre-drilled hole patterns available for 3R and EROWA


Engineered Carbon and Graphite Solutions

Our unique structure assigns an experienced, primary engineer to our customer applications via a Customer Experience Team.   Primary engineers will have or gain intimate knowledge of customers processes and leverage our extensive resources and laboratories to assist in lowering total cost of ownership.

  • Material Selection
  • Part Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • EDM Machine Settings
  • Physical Property Testing to ASTM Standards


Precision Carbon and Graphite Machining

MWI has maintained our position at the forefront of our industry through continual investment in software and equipment. Our highly skilled machinists combined with our available resources allow MWI to machine graphite to the most demanding specifications and exacting tolerances. MWI’s flexibility allows us to cater to both large and small-scale production needs as well as Research & Development requirements.

  • Most Advanced CAD / CAM systems
    • Manage the most complex surfaces
    • Apply accurate, verified tool paths
  • Machine to industries most demanding specifications w/ exacting tolerances
  • Machine envelops to machine the largest cross sections in the marketplace – 62  x 150 x 250″
  • Internal, independent machine shops cater to
    • Larger & Small Scale Production needs
    • Research and Development requirements
  • Advanced High Speed and 5-axis CNC machining


Carbon and Graphite Purification

Metallic impurities are inherent in today’s graphite and carbon products. MWI has spent decades on proprietary purification processes that remove these bad elements down to verifiable limits.

  • High Temperature and Halogen Purification
  • Impurity level to <2 parts per million (PPM)
  • Collaborating with leading independent laboratories for full periodic purity analysis & verification
  • Internal ASH analysis
  • High Temperature furnace toll services available


Carbon and Graphite Coatings and Impregnations

Advanced applications in the Semi-Conductor, LED, Photovoltaic, Metallurgical and Advanced Materials industries often require post-machining treatments for process optimization. MWI provides a wide range of progressive solutions to meet todays’ most demanding applications.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Coating

  • Performed by both Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Chemical Vapor Impregnation (CVI)
  • Ultra High purity and resistance to oxidizing atmosphere
  • Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • CVD or CVI coating thickness engineered for specific applications
  • CVD or CVI coatings available on complex geometries
PRODUCTSMachining CapabilitiesMOCVD Susceptors
Graphite Heaters
Hot Zone Components for CZ crystal pullers
Susceptors for Silicon Epitaxy


Glassy Carbon Coating Processing

  • Performed by both Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Chemical Vapor Impregnation (CVI)
  • Imperviousness to various gases and liquids
  • Eliminates Out gassing
  • Dust Free Surface
PRODUCTSCarbon CapabilitiesIon Implant Fixtures
Semi Conductor Jigs
Graphite Heaters
Graphite Crucibles


Anti Oxidation Impregnation

  • A penetrating treatment that reduces graphite oxidation rates at temperatures in excess of 500 degrees Celsius.
  • Different Graphite Grades will oxidize at different rates depending on internal structure
  • Consult MWI for the best grade and treatment selection.
PRODUCTSGraphite CapabilitiesMolten Aluminum Equipment
Graphite Shaft
Graphite Rotor
Graphite Pump


Pyrolytic Coatings

  • Coating treatment that provides high purity, density and hardness
PRODUCTSCarbon and Graphite Machining CapabilitiesGraphite Crucible
Semi-Conductor Jigs
Impervious High Temperature Component


Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • A proprietary method used as a both standalone process and step process for removing surface Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
PRODUCTSCarbon and Graphite Capabilities
Fuel Cell
Semi-Conductor Jig
Various Debris Free Applications

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