by Kat Griffin Kat Griffin

High-Speed Collaboration

In light of RIT’s F30 securing an impressive 4th place overall out of 72 teams in Michigan this summer, MWI, Inc. would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the FSAE team. We recognize that this remarkable achievement wouldn’t have been possible without our collaborative efforts, and it fills us with pride to be a part of this successful partnership, propelling them to be ranked as the fastest (up to 70mph) single inboard motor FSAE car in North America.

Influencing the Process

MWI plays an F30integral role in machining the molds that shape the body for RIT’s competition vehicles. High density tooling foam is used to create molds that are eventually covered with fiberglass. Once the fiberglass solidifies the shape, it becomes the mold for the carbon fiber monocoques and large aerodynamic shrouds/wings. These carbon fiber components are exceptionally thin and lightweight, yet remarkably strong considering its weight.


Fifteen years ago, our very own Stan, a skilled manufacturing engineer, started the programming and machining of these molds. Initially, engineering students observed the process in the shop, gradually becoming more engaged, while Stan provided guidance with machine and tooling setup.

Approximately two years ago, Stu, another skilled engineer from MWI, assumed the responsibility and began assisting RIT’s all-female solar car team, Hot Wheelz. The Chassis team is accountable for the development and fabrication of the vehicle’s body and related structural components. Notably, the molds for this project are considerably larger than those used for a standard formula-style car. They creatively employ carbon fiber in the design to optimize performance, achieving speeds of up to 45mph.

Despite the challenges Hot Wheelz encountered in completing their molds last year, they remain determined to achieve their goals this academic year. “We are incredibly grateful to MWI for their continued support of our team and others.” said team member, Ethan Patane. Currently, Hot Wheelz is diligently working on the top and bottom shell, machining 8-9 molds here at our Henrietta location.

Our Commitment

MWI’s dedication to helping student teams like RIT’s demonstrates our commitment to advancing engineering and innovation in our community. We are thrilled to have them as an invaluable partner in our endeavors and look forward to continuing this impactful collaboration.