by Kat Griffin Kat Griffin

What are the Benefits of Custom Crating?

benefits of custom crating

Crating is a specific type of packaging solution that has many benefits. Shipping crates are heavy-duty wooden boxes that offer much more protection than other packaging solutions. A custom crate is designed to ensure that it’s adequately built to handle the weight of the item being transported.

The process of packaging and shipping takes time and money, and it is important to consider several key factors to ensure that your items are adequately protected, packaged securely and that they reach their destination safely.

Some of the many benefits custom crating offers include:

  • Cost-effective
    While custom crating may seem expensive, it will pay for itself in several ways. Not only do they reduce transportation and storage costs, but they are also environmentally friendly and a renewable natural resource.


  • Reusable
    Options for reusing a crate are infinite. New items can be stored or transported in it or even broken down, so the wood can be used for other projects. If you’re storing items, crates offer the advantage of saving space as they can be stackable.


  • Transportation
    The majority of custom crating is designed to ship via Flatbed or dry van. MWI, Inc.’s crates are ISPM certified for international shipping.


  • Safe and Secure
    Wood crates make shipping your products safe and secure. They are very durable and protect the items inside. Options to include a lid or hinged top allow easy access to the products inside without requiring the crate to be lifted.