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2023 Outstanding Employer Partner Award

From left to right: Miranda Harms, Senior Employment Advisor – NTID Co-op & Career Center (NC3) | Dawn Lucas, Associate Director – NC3 | John Macko, Director – NC3 | Patti DiLorenzo, Director of Human Resources – MWI, Inc. | Dr. Gerard Buckley, NTID President and RIT VP & Dean | Gary Behm, Associate VP for Academic Affairs – RIT | Karen Beiter, Interim Chair for Department of Engineering Studies – RIT

The NTID Co-op & Career Center at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is proud to honor MWI, Inc. with the prestigious 2023 Outstanding Employer Partner Award. This accolade recognizes MWI’s consistent dedication to hiring deaf and hard of hearing students and graduates, solidifying its place as a national leader in fostering inclusivity within the workforce.

MWI has maintained a strong relationship with RIT, underscoring their commitment to promoting diversity in the workplace, particularly within the deaf and hard of hearing community. This commitment extends beyond hiring practices and encompasses comprehensive employee training initiatives.

MWI now joins the ranks of esteemed previous award recipients, including PNC, Eastman Kodak, GE Aviation, Dow Chemical, the FDIC, and IBM, further illustrating their commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

The award ceremony saw the participation of notable organizations and companies, including Bayer, DOW, the CIA, and various representatives from leading universities.

A special acknowledgment goes to Patti DiLorenzo, whose unwavering involvement with RIT and NTID has played a pivotal role in supporting employment opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing students and graduates. Patti’s dedication and contributions have been instrumental in MWI’s receipt of this prestigious award. Her efforts align with MWI’s core values, reinforcing their deep commitment to the community they serve.

MWI’s recognition by the NTID Co-op & Career Center serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, exemplifying their dedication to enriching the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

About MWI, Inc.

For over 50 years, MWI has earned a reputation for industry-leading graphite and machining solutions. We’ve done this by forging long-term relationships with our customers and providing them with outstanding experiences.

As a committed manufacturing company, we actively promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Our people are our greatest assets, and we recognize that our ability to provide carbon & graphite solutions rests in the hands of our employees. Achieving the quality of product and service we strive for is truly a team effort, where every role is vital.