by rMcMahon rMcMahon

CNC Lathe MachinesMWI, Inc., The Carbon & Graphite Solution, announces the purchase of new piece of equipment for our Rochester, NY location.  The new machine is up and running and adds capacity, new technology and increased productivity to our operations.

MWI, Inc. has acquired a new CNC lathe with live access tooling. designed to enhance efficiency. The CNC Lathe will be utilized in our CNC Shop and features the following elements:

  • Live Axis Tooling
  • High Productivity Turning Center
  • Designed to craft high precision carbon & graphite parts

A CNC turning Lathe is a computer-controlled piece of machinery.  It allows basic machining operations such as turning and drilling to be carried out automatically with increased precision. A lathe spins the workpiece in a spindle, while a fixed cutting tool approaches the workpiece to slice off chips.  Because of this geometry, lathes are ideal for parts that have symmetry around some axis that could be chucked up in the spindle.

Since 1968, MWI, Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of specialized carbon and graphite solutions. Our Winning Formula of Quality Carbon & Graphite Materials, Experienced Engineers and Customer Experience Teams deliver the best service in the industry.

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