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[wptabtitle]Exceeding Expectations[/wptabtitle]

We are the Carbon and Graphite Machining Experts!

At MWI, we promise not to take your respect for granted by continually improving the quality and integrity of our processes, products and workforce. We promise to always provide high-quality products and services that go above and beyond your expectations, support economic advancement and positively impact the local community.

MWI, Inc. worked hard to perfect our processes and provide premium manufacturing solutions for more than half a century. In this time, we’ve built a reputation as an industry leader in precision machining and manufacturing, as well as high-temperature solutions.

For 50 years we’ve forged lasting relationships with our customers by providing unwaveringly outstanding experiences.

Here’s why our customers keep coming back again and again:

MWI team members are encouraged to grow and develop their craft in an exceptional work environment. This allows us to continually improve our products and services while reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer satisfaction.

– We’re committed to making a positive community impact, and support local charities and philanthropic causes on a regular basis.

-MWI is dedicated to continual quality improvements and is ISO 9001:2008 – ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2008 Certified.

– The OSHA Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) has recognized MWI as an organization with impeccable injury and illness prevention programs. Our worksite has received official certification, which allows us to stand out from our competitors as an industry model for workplace health and safety.

– We’re passionate about environmental sustainability and global responsibility. For 50 years we’ve continually researched and developed energy-efficient products and processes. We’re always working to integrate improved energy and waste management systems, as well as encourage our partners and customers to protect our environment.

– We believe that sustainable relationships and success can only be achieved through continued improvement and dedication to quality, which is why we’ve integrated a comprehensive Total Quality Management Program into our daily operations. This ensures that our customers receive the best, most cost-effective and energy-efficient products and services in the industry.

– Our quality management system complies with all standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO) across all company operations from initial customer contact, to contract development, through final manufacturing and quality control.

[wptabtitle]Exceptional Quality Standards[/wptabtitle]

Providing Premium Graphite and Carbon Solutions for a Variety of Industries

We’re equipped to provide precision manufacturing solutions for any industry. Some of the industries we currently serve include:

    • – Aerospace
    • – Metallurgical
    • – Fuel Cell
    • – Aluminum Processing
    • – Semi-Conductor
    • – PV – Photovoltaic
    • – Poly Silicon
    • – LED
    • – EDM
    • – Abrasive Tooling
    • – Heat Treatment
    • – Sintering
    • – Advanced Ceramics

Learn more about the industries we serve on our Industries Served Page.

Our precision measuring equipment ensures that our customers receive the highest-quality products. We use Coordinate Measuring Machines (CCM) to guarantee that all parts meet precise dimensions, and the Computer Controlled Video and Optical Equipment used in our QC lab performs dimensional and visual inspection up to 400x magnification.

But our work doesn’t stop when the manufacturing process is completed. Since the materials we work with can be brittle, our individually customized packaging ensures that your valuable products are securely positioned and protected.


[wptabtitle]An Industry Leader[/wptabtitle]

MWI Inc is Proud to be an Industry Leader In Carbon and Graphite Machining Solutions

In the past 50 years, we’ve become a leader in the market and exceeded customer expectations by helping them meet the ever-increasing demands of a fast-paced industry. We’ve even been featured in the Democrat and Chronicle earning praise for our award-winning processes.

Improved accuracy and precision, cost-effective services, energy-efficient processes, ongoing health and safety improvement, environmental sustainability and global economic responsibility—all of these industry elements are on our list of top priorities.

We offer a full line of premium materials and accessories. Products are available for purchase online and immediate shipment, including:

Visit our Materials Page to learn more!

[wptabtitle]Precision Capabilities[/wptabtitle]

Precision Carbon and Graphite Machining Capabilities

We continually work to improve our capabilities, which has allowed MWI Inc to hold our position as an industry leader. Combining our advanced software and equipment with highly-skilled MWI machinists, we’re able to serve both large and small-scale production needs of even the most precise and demanding specifications.

The team at MWI takes pride in our our precision-ground blanks and diameters, each custom made for your individual precision machining, aerospace, special molding and general EDM needs.

From lower precision grades for higher removal rates, to the finest super finishes that need the least amount of electrode wear, leave it to the team at MWI Inc!

We’re here for you. Contact us today for all your precision manufacturing requirements.



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