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Introducing Blac Technology by Bedra Wire

Bedra Wire proudly introduces Blac Technology, a groundbreaking advancement in wire EDM. The Blac layer represents a significant departure from conventional Gamma class wires. Blac Technology provides an innovative reconstituted structure featuring a microstructured surface infused with semiconductor aggregates. This unique composition ensures uniform distribution and embedding of particles throughout the surface.

bedra blacspark gamma phase wire

The endless benefits include enhanced energy transfer during each spark resulting in increased material removal rates. Moreover, the consistent particle distribution within the coating promotes stability and allows for a higher percentage of cutting pulses, ultimately leading to a faster cutting rate.

Blac Technology wire will debut in two versions: Blacspark H, engineered for high tensile strength and recommended for up to four cuts, will be available initially in diameters of 0.20 / 0.25 / 0.30 mm. Blacspark S, a softer version tailored for taper cutting, will follow in early summer. It too is recommended for four cuts and will launch in diameters of 0.25 and 0.30 mm.


Both products will be compatible with DIN160, DIN200, P5, P10, and P15 spool types. While differing in tensile strength, both Blacspark H and Blacspark S will maximize energy efficiency to the fullest extent.

As proud partners of Bedra, MWI, Inc. will soon offer this cutting-edge line of Bedra wire. Stay tuned for its availability. Want a sample? Contact us today at!

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