MWI, Inc. 2019 EDM Graphite and Consumable Sales exceed 120% from previous year.

MWI, Inc., The Carbon & Graphite Solution, is pleased to announce that we have exceeded our previous year sales for EDM graphite and consumables by 120%.

MWI, Inc., which offers Precision Carbon and Graphite Machining, Carbon & Graphite Materials, Engineered Carbon & Graphite Solutions, Carbon & Graphite Purification and Carbon & Graphite Coatings & Impregnations has been in business over 50 years, and is headquartered in Rochester, NY.

“We are pleased with our momentum and sales performance for 2019 which speaks to the strength of our brand, our internal technical support, and our loyal customers”, stated Ryan McMahon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Steve Harris , our Director of EDM offers our customers a unique benefit in our industry, on demand EDM technical support. With a simple phone call, our customers can access 30 years EDM Technical experience”.

Steve, who is the firms EDM Sales & Technical Director, has over 30 years’ experience in the graphite industry. Originally from the UK, he has traveled the world and has worked in almost every possible position in the graphite industry, including machine operator, material development, EDM Product Manager and now Sales Management. There is virtually no question about the EDM process that he cannot answer.

Customers can have their questions answered immediately on the phone, or if needed, Steve travels to their places of business. He assists customers with everything from material selection, machine settings to process improvement.

“We congratulate Steve and his team for all the terrific work they have done for our customers, as well as this fantastic achievement.  A 120% increase in sales year over year is outstanding and a testament to the overall customer experience MWI delivers” stated Ryan McMahon.

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