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Carbon and Graphite Machining, Carbon & Graphite Materials, Engineered Carbon & Graphite Solutions, Carbon & Graphite Purification, and Carbon & Graphite Coatings & Impregnations, MWI proudly calls Rochester, NY its headquarters.

Ryan McMahon, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, expressed his satisfaction with the sales performance, attributing this remarkable achievement to the company’s strong brand, unwavering internal technical support, and loyal customer base. Additionally, he emphasized the invaluable benefit of Steve Harris, the Director of EDM, whose extensive 30 years of experience in the graphite industry allows MWI to provide customers with unparalleled on-demand technical support.

Steve, the firm’s EDM Sales & Technical Director, brings a wealth of expertise gained from diverse roles in the graphite industry across the globe. With a background that includes experience as a machine operator, material development specialist, EDM Product Manager, and now Sales Management, Steve’s breadth of knowledge leaves virtually no question about the EDM process unanswered.

Customers can count on immediate telephone support to have their queries addressed, and if necessary, Steve personally travels to their places of business, assisting them with various aspects, from material selection to machine settings and process improvement.

“We congratulate Steve and his team for their exceptional work on behalf of our customers, as well as this remarkable achievement. A 120% increase in sales year over year is truly outstanding and serves as a testament to the overall customer experience MWI consistently delivers,” stated Ryan McMahon.

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